Discover Western Dressage Symposium

Discover Western Dressage Symposium

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WDAFL is co-hosting with Palm Partnership Training the Discover Western Dressage Symposium.  This consists of 2 days of classroom sessions and live demonstrations designed for the professions Trainer, Judge, Coach and Competitor. This symposium is encouraged for anyone wanting to understand and learn more about Western Dressage and take their training and competing to the next level.  All WDAFL members are being offered $25 off  their registration fee.

Trainers going through this course and filing paperwork will be WDAFL Sanctioned Trainers.  As a WDAFL member, trainers may list themselves on our Trainers Listing, non WDAFL members may be listed for $25.

Judges going through this course will be listed on our website as having completed the course, along with their contact information.



3 Responses

  1. Lesley Elchuck

    What does this mean about filing paperwork? I have attended the symposium and would like to get sanctioned. Thank You

    • Daryl Leonard

      Thanks Lesley,
      We will be in touch next week regarding the procedure. We will be emailing a form and information about the process.

  2. Lesley Elchuck

    This was an awesome symposium and experience, by the way!! I highly recommend it!