Message From The President

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My Family will be the first to tell you I am a planner.  We have a house  calendar and the rule is if someone has marked an event on it they have preference to that day and time.  Of course this is subject to some discussion and change, but for the most part it works for us.  Or should I say it works great for me!  I have been marking almost every weekend with, what else, horse events.

We can help you with your calendar as well, making sure you don’t miss any schooling shows and clinics. Be sure to go to the WDAFL web page and check out our new and improved calender.  Thanks to web master Misty Nichols, she has been busy keeping everyone updated on the latest WD happenings in Florida.  Hit the tab on top of the month and you can see the listings in poster board, day, week etc.  Click on the categories and different regions of the state will be highlighted with activities.  If you have events happening in your area and they are not listed PLEASE submit them….it’s very simple!

I hope to soon be filling in one day a week on my calender with lessons.  In this newsletter I wrote a article, The 4 W’s Of Having A Trainer.  Perhaps you also have been wanting to fill in a day on your calender with a lesson to improve your skills.  Do it, with the new year just starting, there’s no better time!  If your plans include showing in WD this year, it will help you improve your scores.

Speaking of scores, WDAFL has a committee working on end of the year high point awards. We are close to finalizing the rules and requirements and hope to have it up and running very soon.  It will be for members only, so if you think you might be interested in competing for an award, keep all of your test/score sheets from this month so they can count towards high point.  This is something no other affiliate has attempted so we are creating this from the ground up…. without any blueprints!  If you are interested in being part of the committee, let us know, volunteers are always welcome.

If you are not a member, please support WDAFL by joining.  Without membership an organization can not grow, without growth an organization can not offer much to its members.  We offered at the annual meeting that anyone who refers 4 new members (November 20013 to November 20014) gets a free year membership to WDAFL. So, help us to help you, let’s grow this club and share the journey of western dressage with others!

Look Up & Think forward,

Lynn Shinkle

President, WDAFL