Our Youngest Members

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Hannah Anderson

Hannah is the daughter of Greg and Christy Anderson. She is home schooled and currently rides with the Najorka Performance Horses Team under the direction of team coach Ken Najorka in Lake City, Florida.
Hannah is a youth member of WDAFL and competed in the Florida State Dressage Championship in November 2016 at the age of nine (9) in the Introduction to Dressage level on her schooling horse, Rosie. She was the star of our barn! When asked what her favorite part of western dressage was, she replied “I have always ridden western so I just love it!” She states riding is her passion.

Hannah is also active in 4H, showing two heifers at the local fair this year and winning Reserve Champion with one. She loves painting and coloring and can often be found in the company of our team mascot and barn manager, Ivey.
Plans for this year include competing on her new mare, Pixie, at several local shows as well as training for western dressage at the national level. She is also competing for a year end high point award in WDAFL.
Hannah is the future of our discipline and all of us at both NPH and WDAFL wish her the very best in her future endeavors!

Ellie Thompson

As one of the youngest Western Dressage competitive riders, 10 year old Ellie Thompson shows great talent, strength, control, and determination in her growth as a rider. She loves being at the barn, caring for the horses, and riding as much as possible. She plans to take her riding as far as she can as a young rider.

Ellie began taking riding lessons at the age of 5 years old. She found HHH Ranch at the age of 7 and has been riding there ever since. Ellie began competing in Western Dressage at just 8 years old and has loved every minute of it. She started competing on horses at the barn and then leased a horse from the barn and this year will compete on her own horse Clover. As a team, Ellie and Clover, have the bond it takes to be able to build their scores throughout the season together as a team. While her scores are very competitive with the older riders, she and her new teammate, Clover, work almost daily to improve those scores.

Ellie is a strong rider for being so young and has aspirations of riding for years to come. The love and passion she shows for the horses and riding have also helped her to grow into a responsible and strong willed girl. As she continues to grow she hopes to take her riding to the college level as Western Dressage grows in the competition and scholarship world.