Pack A Smile!

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smiley-facesWondering what to pack to go to your first WDAFL competition? You have reviewed your rulebook, selected the tests from the showbill and mapped out directions to the arena. Now, to prepare yourself and your horse for the event.

WDAFL is similar to other associations that you may show with throughout the year or in the past with a few exceptions. For yourself, bring neat and tidy working ranch type clothing. Nothing dazzled in gems just a nice long sleeved western shirt, jeans, boots and a well shaped hat. It’s as simple and basic as that. For your horse, neat and tidy with no polishes, excessive clipping or fancy show halters required. Your tack should be clean and in good condition, plain working tack is more then acceptable. You and your horse should look as if you are prepared to go out to work cattle on the ranch, just a bit cleaner as you should be proud of yourself and your animal.

The most important thing you should pack is a SMILE, do not be afraid to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors. You will find that the WDAFL atmosphere is very family oriented and the competitors and our judges are friendly and are there to help and support each other. As you compete in your classes enjoy your time in the ring, do your very best and always remember everyone in there is already a winner. The common goal is to have fun and enjoy our animals while getting to show our “stuff”. Get out there and experience all that the Western Dressage Association of Florida has to offer.