WDAFL continues its journey…

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Hello all!   Our journey is off to a terrific start, three months have passed since we obtained our affiliation from WDAA and in that time we have established a new FaceBook page, our website, and assembled a board who all share the same passion to have a partnership with their equines.    One of our specific goals is to begin working with some of the local Dressage shows and with their judges to keep them informed and updated on the WDAA guidelines, etc.    We are also in the process of putting together an address book of trainers that specialize in Western Dressage based upon locations for easy access.   If you would like to have your barn, arena or shows listed on our sites please feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to enter your event on our calendars.

It has been very fulfilling to see the success of all the Florida riders at the shows this year, including the Pinto World Show in Tulsa where two of our riders placed 1st and 4th.  As everyone enjoys their journeys we look forward to hearing your stories of success and education, please feel free to submit letters and photographs as we will be featuring different riders and their partners on a regular basis.   In October there will be a reorganization of the Board Of Directors, if you feel  that you have a particular talent that could be of assistance to us please join in.  We would like to be able to present new articles and educational emails to our members frequently to keep the excitement on the upswing.   Our motto is “its about the journey” and together we can make the journey better every day!

Kim Stimmel, WDAFL Interim secretary