2017 WDAFL High Point Awards

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2017 WDAFL High Point Awards by levels. Congratulations to the 2017 WDAFL High Point Awards winners.


Amateur Introductory Level
Lisa Walter – Larks Faithful Laddie
Lisa Bailey – Painted by Design
Dawn Thompson – Wild Night Invite
Lauren Smith – Don’t Count Me Out
Leslie Davis – WR Esmeralda’s Will by Caymus
Brenda Hutton – SF Ariel

Amateur Basic Level
Cathy Rotola – PSU He’s Smart N Peppy
Ashley Mancuso – Fancy That
Lauren Kinsey – Mister Smoken Able
Susan Butler – Lyns Pizzazz

Amateur Level 1
Misty Nichols – Playboy’s Boon
Adelaide Pickett – Hot N Royal
Patricia Stavely – Cee Dee Jack

Amateur Level 2
Andrea Browning – Docs Classic Prince


Open Introductory Level
Marsha Sapp -Ty
Natalie Cox – Gobstopper

Open Basic Level
Ken Najorka – Solid Hollywood Gold

Open Level 1
Chris Kellogg – Conclusives Article

Open Level 2
Marsha Sapp – Cobra

Open Level 3
Marsha Sapp – Cobra


Youth Introductory Level
Ellie Rozycki – Miss Little Jill
Hannah Anderson – Pixie

Youth Basic
Melissa Cruzan – Hug Me Hot Rod
Emily Steffen – One Choice Lady

Youth Level 1
Emily Steffen – One Choice Lady
Ellie Thompson – Blessing
Savannah Williams – Harley