• High Point year will be December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017.
  • Entry Fee: $20 Adult; $15 Youth (per level)

The Western Dressage Association of Florida is offering 2017 High Point Awards for the highest scoring Open, Amateur and Youth (under 18) Rider/Horse combination and High Points for all levels as well. The High Point Award program is open to all Western Dressage Association of Florida members in good standing.

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2017 High Point Program Participants

Entries for High Point Program

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First Last Division Horse's Name Level of Competition
Ellie Thompson Youth (under 18) Blessing Level 1
Lauren Fringo Smith Amatuer Don't Count Me Out Intro
Marsha Sapp Open Ty Intro
Marsha Sapp Open Cobra Level 3
Marsha Sapp Open Cobra Level 2
Chris Kellogg Open Conclusive Article Level 2
Emily Steffen Youth (under 18) One Choice Lady Level 1
Brenda Hutton Amatuer SF Ariel Intro
Jean Hedges Open I'm Bout It Intro
Leslie Davis Amatuer WR Esmeralda's Will by Caymus Intro
Cathy Rotola Amatuer PSU He's Smart N Peppy Basic
Ken Najorka Open Solid Hollywood Gold Basic
Deborah Herbert Amatuer Genuine Arctic Spring Level 3
Lauren Kinsey Amatuer Mister Smokin Able Basic
Savannah Williams Youth (under 18) Harley Level 1
Hannah Anderson Youth (under 18) Pixie Intro
Natalie Cox Open Gobstopper Basic
Natalie Cox Open Gobstopper Intro
Andrea Browning Amatuer Doc's Classic Prince Level 2
Dawn Thompson Amatuer Wild Night Invite Intro
First Last Division Horse's Name Level of Competition
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Displaying 1 - 20 of 40 1 2