2017 Education Day, Annual Meeting and High Point Celebration

Many thanks to all who attended the first WDAFL event of the year! With over 100 spectators throughout the day, western dressage has reached a little further. Gratitude to Cyril Pittion-Rossillon and Rachel Ory for sharing with our riders and

Brian MacMahon for his commentary during the 2017 tests being ridden. Special thanks to the Board of Directors who made the vent happen and Tom Warriner and Kacy Tipton-Fashik at The Grand Oaks Resort for opening the facility to WDAFL!

The mission of WDAFL reflects that of the national WDAA

The mission of the Western Dressage Association is to honor the horse and to value the partnership it has provided. Our goal is to provide a model of training and horsemanship which optimizes this partnership for the benefit of both horse and rider. In this, we celebrate the American West where all these things came to pass.