Brief History of WDAFL

A Brief History of the beginning of Western Dressage in Florida (This has been put together from our firsthand accounts, and dates have been confirmed. There may be additional key events during this timeline that we are unaware of and encourage that information be brought to our attention – WDAFL … Read More

A Focus on Our Youth

The WDAFL Board feels that our youth are so important to the future of western dressage and that it in turn will make them better horsemen in what  ever endeavor they strive for.  Our March newsletter focused on our two youngest members.  This article is catching up with WDAFL’s first … Read More

Western Dressage Training Pyramid

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The Dressage Training Pyramid is a guideline for the natural training of a horse. The pyramid is the guideline to which we refer as we develop our horse’s body in order to advance his training through correct collection.… Read More

Our Youngest Members

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Hannah Anderson Hannah is the daughter of Greg and Christy Anderson. She is home schooled and currently rides with the Najorka Performance Horses Team under the direction of team coach Ken Najorka in Lake City, Florida. Hannah is a youth member of WDAFL and competed in the Florida State Dressage … Read More

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