Western Dressage… What does that mean?

There were some western riders wondering what this was… we started searching on Google to get some answers and found the Western Dressage Association® of America.  It was a new discipline, which encouraged riders to have a partnership with their horses.  Working at lightness and the ability to harmonize with the horse, principles that the cowboys use with ranch horses and English learn as they explore Dressage principles.

Several members went to their GMO and did demos of Western Dressage test at their shows.  Deborah Herbert contacted WDAA to find out if there was an affiliation for Florida.  To her surprise there was not, then by contacting several WDAA members in Florida a meeting was organized last July in Ocala. The amazing Lynn Palm and her husband Cyril Pittion-Rossillon hosted our kick off organizers event at Palm Partnership Training at Fox Grove Farm and Marie-Frances Davis, the Palm Partnership Clinic Manager was extremely helpful throughout our meeting and subsequent fund-raiser event at Lynn Palm’s clinic this summer.

A small group decided to look into forming an affiliation to be able to encourage education, training riders, and showing the progression of our partnership with our horses.  We come from the Panhandle, Central, East and West coasts of Florida working together! A few months ago our WDAFL By-Laws were finished and paperwork was sent into the state (thank you Daryl!). Thank you Deborah Herbert, Erin Miller, Kim Stimmel and Daryl Leonard for your commitment and love for Western Dressage as we begin our journey.

Mission Statement:

The WDAFL mission is to mirror that of the WDAA… and to provide educational and social opportunities for all riders who embrace western dressage.